Friday, 19 June 2009

Glen Sannox

Thursday 11th June
Hilary, Annie & I walked along Glen Sannox, starting out at the car park between Sannox and Sannox Bridge. Not to be confused with North Glen Sannox (see earlier entry), this beautiful Glen takes you up to the other side of the saddle from Glen Rosa (again, subject of an earlier entry). It was great to approach the mountains from the other side, as we got to see the other mountains, Suidhe Fhearghas (Fergus's Seat) and Cioch na h'Oighe (with the Devil's Punchbowl) that are hidden from Lamlash and Brodick side. The path starts by taking you along a burn and past the old salt mines, before opening up into the Glen itself. As you go further up, you start to see North Goatfell and Mullach Buidhe on the left, and the Witch's Step and the Castles on the right. These two peaks are really distinctive, with the Witch's Step featuring three sharp ponts with a large gap (her step) in between the first two, and the Castles having large granite boulders that look like crumbling turrets on the top. But most impressive is straight in front of you: Cir Mhor, the large comb, which Hilary and Annie descibe as a 'perfect mountain'. I hope the photos do justice to the beauty of this Glen and its mountains; well worth a visit, especially as the ascent is not arduous, ideal for those who want to see the mountains without having to climb too high.

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