Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Benlister Falls, 31st January 2010

A beautiful day to explore the Benlister falls, a series of about 11 waterfalls located between the Ross and Lamlash. Not that easy to find, in summer these paths are virtually inaccessible because of the bracken, making this trip even more special.

An immediate ascent of the Ross gave stunning views back across Lamlash Bay to Holy Island, and forward to Goatfell and the mountains. A tough bit of walking across deep heather followed, which led us to the penultimate fall. We then descended alongside the falls, which were stunning. They were enhanced by the ice covering the rocks and the icicles hanging off the surrounding vegetation.

Snowy Arran

Although we didn't get anything like the snow that the mainland had, we did have just enough to make Arran even more beautiful than normal. I have attached some photos to show how gorgeous the Island looked (before it all melted and turned to slush!).