Friday, 17 April 2009

The Sheans

Thursday 16th April

A rather cloudy morning broke into sunshine as we set off to climb The Sheans. We crossed traditional scottish moorland and then an area of peat flats, before reaching the trig point at the top. On the descent into Lamlash, we passed a beautiful traditional stone sheep fank (for holding the sheep for dipping or shearing), as well as a Chamber Cairn (shown in the photo). The unexpected sunshine was appreciated by the wildlife as much as us: we saw a lizard enjoying the spring sun, and then managed to creep up on a hare dozing in the warmth.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Seal watching at Kildonan

11th April 2009
A beautiful spring day; took the opportunity to take Moss to one of our favourite beaches at Kildonan; always a good place to spot seals. If you carry on the track past Kildonan's only shop, you reach a series of lovely bays which the seals love. We got close to two large fellows basking on a rock, and were able to watch many more in the sea, all watching us as curiously as we were watching them! Pladda lighthouse made a great background, but Moss was more interested in the sandcastles left behind by the Easter visitors!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Some great Arran views by our guest, Gerard Fitzpatrick

Glen Rosa to the Shoulder

Thursday 2nd April
A beautiful sunny day; Hilary and I walked up the gorgeous Glen Rosa to the saddle. Passing the magnificent A Chir and Cir Mhor (for a future, more strenuous walk!) we reached the saddle and were able to look down the other side into Glen Sannox. We could see a submarine on the surface of the water off the coast near Corrie and Sannox, clearly sailing in a series of circles. The saddle is a great vantage point to see The Castles and the Witches' Step, as well as Mullach Buidhe and North Goatfell. These peaks look daunting, but Hilary assures me we will be up them before too long!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

King's Cave (and guest dog, Holly)

Tuesday 24th March 2009
I was given the excuse to go across the island to the King's cave walk by the arrival of guests including Helen and her dog, Holly. Whilst the guys played golf at the famous Shiskine course, Helen, Moss, Holly and I walked along the beautiful beach at Blackwaterfoot before walking the circular route round to King's Cave. This cave (like many others across Scotland!) is reputed to be the setting of the encounter between Robert The Bruce and the Spider. We didn't encounter the descendents of either of these, but, once again, the geology students made an appearance, leaving rucksacks in all the places most likely to obscure a well-conceived photograph!

North Glen Sannox

21st March 2009
This was a spur of the moment, 'let's get out of bed and go for a picnic', type walk, fairly short as we took Moss with us. We walked alongside the beautiful waterfalls as far as the second deer fence, looking up at Suidhe Fhearghas when the clouds lifted. The arrival of spring was announced by the appearance of a number of geology students, complete with helmets and clipboards. Their rucksacks may have been bigger than mine, but at least mine contained a packet of hobnobs! (and a sausage for Mossie).